Tween-Teen Art Lab

Ages 11 & up
8 Classes
Instructor - April Caverhill
AGGV Studio - 1040 Moss Street


Art Lab is for tweens and teens who want to explore and expand their creative practice. The eight-week winter program introduces artists and artworks from the AGGV exhibitions: Tender Touch, presenting an examination of tattooing as an art practice and Crossingpresenting art, heritage, and personal journey by delving into the stories of three local artists who embarked on transformative journeys from Asia to Canada.

Under the mentorship of Art Educator, April Caverhill, tweens and teens look closely at artworks and respond to the ideas within them through hands-on art-making projects in our studio. Using clay, thread, paint, ink, graphite and more, tweens and teens will build skills to explore their own ideas and interests through a diversity of ways in a supportive community of like-minded artistic peers. 

* Some of the artworks in our current exhibitions include nude figures. While the studio program will not be focusing on these artworks, feel free to check out our guide on how to talk with children about nudity in art here.

Tween-Teen Art Lab - Thursdays 3:30 - 5:00PM | Jan 18 - Mar 14, 2024


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