AGGV Studio Classes

Summer 2020 camps have been re-imagined!

Join the AGGV Studio on Zoom for some unique virtual art experiences.

We have created a couple of week long “art experiences” that are designed to be done at home. We know it’s not quite the same as being at our lovely little Studio but the team (April & Oona) will still be there to guide, encourage and support via a live daily Zoom online group hangout. PLUS we have specially curated an art experience materials kit that will full of supplies needed to create the art-tastic creations (the kits will be available for pick-up prior to the camp start date). We will also provide a small list of additional materials commonly found at home that can supplement our special art experience kits.

Since we all don't have an art studio at home or even vast amounts of space, we have tried to offer some majorly expressive and fun projects which are not too messy or require lots of time to dry.

Although we will be spending dedicated time each day together it is expected that the creative process may occasionally go beyond the allocated hangout time. Just like in the Studio we acknowledge that creative exploration can have its own pace and will invite and encourage each artist to continue working on their project even after our group time has ended.

Over the week, we will meet at the same time each day for a live online Zoom hangout where we will come together as a group, engage in a little playful warm-up art activity and then dive into our daily art project. Despite being at home we can still build community and connection by creating together - these daily hangouts are instrumental in creating, learning and being inspired from one another.

  • Participants will use their art experience kit at home and engage in the camp via daily scheduled live online hangouts and offline after the hangout, if desired.
  • Participants will need access to a stable internet connection, a Zoom account, a computer, laptop or tablet with a camera and microphone and a dedicated space to make art.
  • Parental guidance is welcome, but not mandatory.
  • The daily hangouts are live and will not be recorded.

Please note: We want quality, engaging art education to be accessible - if registration fees are prohibitive for you, there are a limited number of need-based bursaries available. Email Studio Coordinator, Oona McClure with your inquiry:

Sponsored by Island Blue Art and Framing.

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