Exploring Emily Carr: Landscapes, Abstraction, and the Palette of Nature
Kids Summer Camp

Ages 6-10
5 Morning Classes,  9am-12pm
Monday, Aug 12 - Friday, Aug 16
Instructor - Kirk Robinson
$225 General | $215 Members

AGGV Studio - 1040 Moss Street


Join us on a creative journey through the eyes of renowned Canadian artist Emily Carr, where students are invited to explore the wonders of abstraction and the Pacific West Coast that inspired her timeless masterpieces.

During gallery visits, young minds will delve into Carr's imagination through her breathtaking landscapes and draw inspiration from her raw and moving depictions of the land.

At our camp, children will not only learn about Emily Carr's landscapes but also discover the deeper layers of her legacy. Did you know that Carr was born in Victoria and was a trailblazer in the Canadian art scene? Inspired by the Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast, she dared to break away from traditional artistic norms by embracing Modernist and Post-Impressionist styles, paving the way for future generations of artists to explore new avenues of creativity. 

Through immersive art projects, kids will be inspired to unleash their artistic potential and encouraged to experiment with abstraction and use color, just like Emily Carr did.

Summer Camp - Exploring Emily Carr | Mornings 9am-12pm | Aug 12 - Aug 16 | Ages 6-10


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